Here at SKB Sails we have built up a reputation for designing and building high performance new sails for traditional craft, blue water cruisers and racing yachts alike. With knowledge and experience in all areas of sailmaking we can guarantee our sails will look great and perform throughout their life.

From our initial consultation right through the design, build and finishing process we are happy to work closely with our customers ensuring that the end product meets the needs and requirements of the individual. If necessary we will come aboard your yacht to measure up and asses angles, round, hollow, twist and general specifications needed to produce the best sail for your needs.

SKB Sails merges traditional sailmaking skills and eye for detail along with the modern technologies and cutting edge cloth now available. Using the latest design software from SmarAzure and our own in-house Blackman & White cutting arm along with performance sail cloth, threads, tapes and hardware mean that we can guarantee the quality of our sails.

All sails from SKB are designed and built in the SKB sail loft in Penryn. The in-house cutting facilities mean that all aspects of the build process can be carried out by our own sailmaking team to ensure that customers get the highest quality performance sails along with bespoke craftsmanship and finish.

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